Das Museumsarchiv

The museum archive detains a selectioned  range of scripts of the historic municipal archive of the old civics of Feldkirchen (till 1947) and Waiern (till 1945). Since 1993 it is being amplified under the strict control of lawsuits
5600 documents have been scanned electronically. Furthermore, on Fridays from 15.00 to 17.00, visitors are allowed to take a look at 2700 pictures, mostly photos.
A register, administration books, a name index and the electronical search engine facilitate the process of finding photos and scripts. In a small vitrine spin 10 coins from the time of Maria Theresia, which were found in the base of the trinity-pillar in the year 2006.

The index of the PDF-document-archive/PDF-image archive can be downloaded.
With the help of the Acrobat-Reader´s(search function:loupe), documents can be searched for.
During the opening times it is possible to take a look at the originals and to make photcopies for a small amount of money.

Download PDF-documents
of the Museum association Feldkirchen
about 10.200 documents


Download PDF-image-archive
Of the Museum association Feldkirchen
About 5600 images


Opening times